Closed For Renovations Until March 1

The Fredericksburg Area Museum will be closed to the public until March 1 as it prepares and installs new exhibitions for 2019.  FAM staff will install four new exhibitions that will be featured in 2019 including:


  • “People & Their Pets” This light-hearted exhibition reveals the history of pet ownership in Fredericksburg. From livestock, to the Dog Mart, to animal-oriented businesses in Fredericksburg, People & Their Pets will connect museum visitors to the history of everyone’s four-legged friends. This exhibition will be on the first floor.


  • “These Old Walls: A Town and Its Stories”  This exhibit will give voice and life to the buildings, sites, and objects of Fredericksburg, using a combination of then-and-now photography, objects, illustrations, and primary sources to illuminate the story of Fredericksburg. The exhibit will use the historic Town Hall as its point of departure and recurring touchstone. The emphasis will be on untold or rarely told stories that help visitors understand the breadth and diversity of the community as embodied in the town as it exists today. This exhibition will be on the second floor.


  • “My Fredericksburg Story: In Their Own Words As a contemporary cultural center, FAM seeks to explore the stories of not only the past, but of the present as well. In this exhibition, local minorities share their Fredericksburg experience in their own words.  Featured stories include those of new comers and life-long residents, old and young, men and women.  This exhibition will be on the third floor.


  • “The People’s Gallery” Fredericksburg is full of collectors; from match-box cars to sport-memorabilia, Fredericksburg residents have a lot to share! The introduction of this new gallery space called, “The People’s Gallery” will be given each year to a local collector to showcase what they collect and why. You’ll be surprised at some of the treasures our neighbors have!


Please mark your calendar for March 1 and attend our big reveal at FAM’s March First Friday event from 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM.  Admission during the reveal will be FREE and open to the public.  Members will have special access to the exhibitions prior to the public opening. Stay tuned for special behind-the scenes-tours and programs during the next two months. 2019 is looking like an exciting year!