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Black History Walking Tours

Black Businesses & Entrepreneurship in Fredericksburg. 1787 – Present, offered February 2023-June 2023.

Developed in association with the Historic Fredericksburg Foundation, Inc, the walking tour features stories of African American business owners and entrepreneurs throughout Fredericksburg’s history. Led by Dr. Gaila Sims, FAM Curator of African American History and Special Projects, the tour begins in the eighteenth century with John DeBaptiste and the establishment of French John’s Wharf, continues with industrious builder Henry Deane and the development of Liberty Town following the Civil War, touches on thriving Black businesses on Princess Anne Street in the mid-twentieth century, and culminates with contemporary favorites scattered across the city. Grounded in historical documentation, archival research, and individual stories, this walking tour explores Fredericksburg’s unique contributions to the history of Black enterprise.

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(MAP) Black Businesses and Entrepreneurship, 1787-Present

Support for Black Businesses & Entrepreneurship in Fredericksburg, 1787 – Present has been generously provided by the City of Fredericksburg, as a component of City Council’s effort to tell a more complete Fredericksburg story.