The Fredericksburg Area Museum acknowledges and appreciates the contributions of city organizations and local community members in the development of “A Monumental Weight: The ‘Auction Block’ in Fredericksburg, Virginia.”

This exhibit is heavily informed by research gathered by historian John Hennessy, archaeological testing conducted by Dovetail Cultural Resource Group, and recommendations collected by the City of Fredericksburg, the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience, and the Memorials Advisory Commission. Community members include:

Ambassador Pamela Bridgewater
Mr. Sonny Holmes
Ms. Trudy Smith
Dr. Will Mackintosh
Mayor Mary Katherine Greenlaw
Vice-Mayor Charlie L. Frye, Jr.
Reverend Hashmel Turner
Dr. John McGuire
Mr. Frank White
Ms. Kate Schwartz
Ms. Gaye Adegbalola
Ms. Delphine Sims
Ms. MC Morris
Mr. John Hennessy
Mr. Xavier Richardson
Mr. Roger Braxton
Mr. Alex Harvell
Mr. Cedric Rucker
Mr. Juno Pitchford
Dr. Tiffany Ray
Ms. Nancy Moore
Mr. Blanton Massey
Dr. Shavonne Shorter
Ms. Rosella Sprow
Mr. Joseph Lyttle
City Manager Tim Baroody
Dr. Christine Henry and UMW’s Diversity in Preservation Fall 2022 Class
Mayor and Vice-Mayor at the Corner
Mayor and Vice-Mayor at the Corner
Mayor Mary Katherine Greenlaw and Vice-Mayor Charlie L. Frye, Jr. at the corner of William and Charles Streets in October 2020. As part of its 2036 Vision Statement, the Fredericksburg City Council includes a commitment to a welcoming, inclusive community that actively engages its members and embraces partnerships in working together toward racial equity. (Image Courtesy of the City of Fredericksburg)