FAM Camp Programs

The FAM is excited to offer interactive fieldtrips to local summer camps. Our programs cover the vast history of our region including local Native Americans, historic bridge construction, and Fredericksburg baseball.


Museum on the Move is an outreach program that brings the museum experience and FAM educator to your facility. Groups learn more about Fredericksburg’s history through listening to local stories, touching reproduction artifacts, and participating in hand-on activities.


FAM Gallery Programs allows groups to visit historic Town Hall and tour our ever-changing exhibits. This summer, campers will have the opportunity to explore FAM’s newest exhibit, America’s Pastime: Baseball in FXBG and discover local sports stories.


Theresa Cramer

Education & Public Programs Coordinator

tcramer@famcc.org • 540.371.3037 ext. 138



Museum on the Move program at your facility

$40 minimum per program

(Covers up to 10 students. Each additional student is $4 per participant.)


Museum on the Move program at the FAM

$30 minimum per program

(Covers up to 10 students and 1 chaperone. Each additional student and chaperone are $3 per participant.)


FAM Gallery program

$30 minimum per program

(Covers up to 10 students and 1 chaperone. Each additional student and chaperone are $3 per participant.)


*These programs are held either on-site at the FAM OR in your facility

Bridging the Past
Explore the history, and engineering behind Fredericksburg bridges. This program uses inquiry-based activities to further understand how bridges were built over the Rappahannock River.


Kid Curator

Are you interested in knowing what happens behind the scenes at a museum? Campers will learn what it takes to become a museum curator, and how FAM takes care of historic artifacts.


The Powhatan People
Discover what life was like for the Powhatan people along the Rappahannock River. Through handling artifacts, campers learn about the Virginia Indians’ traditional food ways, shelter, and clothing.


Faces of The Civil War
Explore the lives of soldiers and Fredericksburg civilians during the American Civil War. Campers will inspect artifacts, photos, and letters to understand the war through personal stories.


Life in a Port Town: 18th-Century Fredericksburg
What would life have been like in colonial Fredericksburg? This program teaches campers about the development of Fredericksburg as a port town, the colonial marketplace, and residents.


*These programs are held on-site at the FAM

Our Past, Our Present
This guided museum tour explores the rich stories of the Fredericksburg region! FAM’s exhibits cover a wide variety of topics like local Native Americans, the Great Depression, the Civil Rights Movement, and Fredericksburg baseball. Using historic objects, and artwork, campers will examine the area’s past and present. The Museum is happy to work with your group to create an exhibit tour that fits your camp’s needs.


A Walk in Their Shoes 

*This program is a downtown Fredericksburg walking tour

The Civil Rights Movement played out on the streets of Fredericksburg. Young and old participated in rallies and sit-ins right here in our streets! This WALKING tour takes students to areas in downtown where these activities played out. From the property auction block of pre-Civil War era, to where students participated in Sit-Ins on Caroline Street, this tour explores this turning point in our country’s history.